On New Year’s Eve beware of dogs and cats: “Here’s how to protect them from barrels”

The party of New Year’s can turn into a nightmare for our friends a four paws. While toasting and celebrating, the dogs and cats, terrified by explosion of barrelslive moments of great fear and they can risk their lives, instinctively fleeing in search of a refuge. Francesco Francaviglia, Asp veterinary doctor, explains it. “That of barrels is an atavistic fear of the dog that resides in its deepest instinctive potential – explains Francaviglia -. He feels he has to protect himself from sudden and unknown events. Fear is not a pathology but a defense mechanism that has allowed dogs to survive in nature for the last 40,000 years. A sudden and loud explosion causes him to protect himself. There are animals that suffer more and others less – continues the veterinary doctor – because over time man has tried to reduce this defensive instinct in dogs, especially when it is used in hunting or warfare. The dog in these situations cannot be afraid of explosions”.

And from the expert there are also suggestions for families who have a dog at home. “If he is used to always being with you, don’t leave him alone on New Year’s Eve and comfort him but there are dogs who feel more protected in their usual shelter. Some run away and look for a corner, the smallest and darkest to shelter from what they experience as a threat. A dog that is out of its habitual environment, from its kennel – he continues – if it is suddenly caught by the loud noise, it runs away without any control of itself, ending up under the wheels of a moving car, as is often the case happened. We avoid barrels, we don’t have fun if we consider that we hurt our best friends, because the dog really is man’s best friend”.

Giusy Caldo of the animal welfare association Ada also suggests to anyone who has an animal at home, to protect them by closing doors and windows well so as to muffle the explosions of the barrels. “Firing barrels is a widespread ritual in the streets of the historic center – says the animal rights activist – and not just firecrackers. We found shell casings in via Alloro. If you can’t take them with you and they will stay home alone, leave background music on or give them homeopathic supplements, under the advice of your vet, to lessen the sense of fear. I remind the representatives of the dogs that live in the neighborhoods and those who manage the feline colonies, to secure the animals to prevent them from fleeing in fear, putting their lives at risk”.

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