On Monday 1st August the evening of the Castelbuono Prize

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Everything is ready for the awaited appointment with the “Castelbuono Award – excellence and contamination of Castelbuonesità”.

On the evening of Monday 1 August, starting at 9.30 pm, the spotlight will be on the San Francesco Cloister for the event organized by the local periodical newspaper Suprauponti and by the cultural association Parnassius, which assigns awards to local excellences for the year 2021.
Once again, ten prizes will be awarded in various sectors.
In the productive activities section, which will open the evening, the first applause will go to theCorama company which deals with distribution in the field of gastronomy even beyond the Madonite borders.
For sport, headlights on Giuliano Minutella who last year was vice paragliding world champion.
The prize reserved for the friend of the country will go to Salvino Leoneclose to the local people with their literary works as well as next to the people of Castelbuono and their problems related to the period of the pandemic are Lucia Sapuppo, for the sanitary part, e Rosanna Battagliafor the civil voluntary sector, which will be awarded ex aequo the recognition for solidarity and social welfare.
To the chef and restaurateur Salvatore Baggesiwhich at the end of 2021 closed its over forty-year career, will be recognized for the art of taste, to father Paolo Fiasconarothe famous movida friar so defined for his evangelization work that he carries out along the Tiber in Rome, will go to the one for culture, to the long-lived “Castelbuono is a fairy tale” event, the one for art and entertainment, to the engineer Leonardo Pupillounder the Ferrari team, the one for the emerging youngster will be delivered to the President of the City Council Mauro Piscitello the one for politics and in closing the recognition to the character of the year.
For 2021 it will go to the organization of South Working Castelbuono who has created a system to eliminate distances and allow those who have returned to Castelbuono to stay working remotely, a possibility also extended to those who choose the Madonite town for work.
On the stage of the seventeenth-century Cloister San Francesco they will go up to lead the evening Roberto Oddo And Alessandra Costanza appreciated and prepared hosts of programs and Tg’s of Tele One, channel 16 of digital terrestrial.
The Sicilian television broadcaster has “married” the Castelbuonese event by providing an intervention for the filming, with multiple cameras, of the whole evening which will merge into a delay of about an hour and a half that will be broadcast in the following days.
During the evening there will also be musical performances by Manuela Cicero And Peppe Barrecafor the occasion accompanied by the trained cellist Daniela Santamauraand that of dance with the performances of the young dancers of “Arte in Movimento” by Ezia Cumbo.

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