On April 27, the law banning asbestos occurs: an important initiative in Ragusa

The Webinar for the “29th anniversary of Law 257/92 which banned asbestos” will be held on April 27, from 10.00 to 13.00, organized by ANMIL (Association of Mutilated and Disabled Workers), with the sponsored by the ILO (International Labor Organization), an event that is part of the events for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work which occurs on 28 April.

The proceedings, after the greetings of the National President ANMIL Zoello Forni, the Director of the ILO Italy and San Marino Office Gianni Rosas, the National INAIL President Franco Bettoni and the introductory report by the Director General ANMIL Sandro Giovannelli, will continue with the following interventions : Hon. Romina Mura President of the Labor Commission of the Chamber; Hon. Alessia Rotta President of the Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission of the Chamber; Sen. Tommaso Nannicini President of the Parliamentary Commission for the control of the activities of the social security and welfare bodies; Hon. Alberto Zolezzi Member of the Environment Commission of the Chamber; Salvatore Nania Representative of the Asbestos Victims’ Associations; Hon. Cesare Damiano Member of the INAIL Board of Directors; Hon. Renata Polverini Vice President of the Labor Commission of the Chamber; On. Camillo D’Alessandro Vice President of the Labor Commission of the Chamber; Patrizio Rossi Head of the INAIL Health Superintendence; Alessandro Marinaccio Head of the INAIL epidemiology laboratory; Barbara Gatto Head of the CNA Environmental Policies Department representing companies; Giovanni Luciano President of the CIV INAIL; Pierluigi Peracchini Mayor of La Spezia representing the Municipalities with the most victims of mesothelioma; Angelo Colombini Confederal Secretary of CISL representing the trade union organizations CGIL, CISL and UIL. The conclusions will be by the National Vice President ANMIL Emidio Deandri and the work will be coordinated by Giuseppe D’Ercole from the New Works Association.

The event will take place online – in compliance with anti-Covid measures – and can be followed live by the public, by connecting to the ANMIL Facebook page (@ ANMILOnlus.official) and the ANMIL Youtube channel (ANMIL Onlus), while journalists can register to receive the complete press kit of the initiative by writing to the email address accrediti@anmil.it

Asbestos continues to be the cause of the greatest morbidity and mortality in the world of work with victims growing even among ordinary citizens, family members of exposed workers or close to the most polluted sites. Law 257/92, which banned asbestos from production and marketing, produced good results but was not sufficiently supported by the various institutions in a continuous and homogeneous manner throughout the national territory. The limits of the experience gained allow us to be able to make that qualitative leap to free ourselves from the asbestos risk by 2030 and to implement health and social assistance measures that have also been widely identified and shared.

For this reason ANMIL intends to promote this Webinar on the subject for a comparison on possible interventions aimed at drastically reducing the victims of asbestos and other occupational cancers.

Every year more than 20,000 workers are affected by occupational cancers, mostly with lethal effects and this event seems to us the best way to draw attention to the 29th anniversary of the law 257/92, which also had the merit of a broad consensus in Parliament.

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