on air Insomnia and Bombshell – The voice of scandal

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Boring Wednesday night? The LiveUnict editorial team recommends you must-see movies tonight on TV.

Cinema Catania too far away? Don’t worry: the small screen also offers excellent alternatives.
Here are the tips from the LiveUnict editorial team.

Flight mode [Rai 1, ore 21:25]: Diego is a very rich and famous businessman, unlike Ivano who cleans the toilets of an airport, this is what a complete stranger does.
But one day Diego before flying to Sydney forgets his phone in the airport bathroom, Ivano finds it but doesn’t give it back to the owner, so he gets the chance to change his life.

Swimming – Budapest World Championships [Rai 2, ore 20:55]: A very important sporting event is held in Budapest, the World Swimming Championships.

Insomnia [Iris ore 21:00]: Will is a detective from Los Angeles who is taken to Alaska to investigate the death of a girl, during the investigation Will kills a colleague with whom he had quarreled shortly before, Will decides to create an alibi and not to confess to the murder.

Bombshell – the voice of the scandal [RaiMovie, ore 21:10]: The film, based on a true story, tells the sex scandal involving members of Fox News.

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