Omicron 5 variant in the province of Ragusa doubled cases, Asp Masks to use

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03 Jul 2022 10:49

The Omicron 5 variant is very contagious and does not discount anyone.
The infections continue to rise despite the high temperatures.
In two weeks in the province of Ragusa the cases have practically more than doubled.
Now remains the reference to good practices and the need to return to using masks, now again required in offices and indoors.
But there is also the need to behave in the most responsible way, as suggested by Raffaele Elia, acting director of ASP Ragusa.
In a recent interview on La Sicilia, signed by Carmelo Riccotti La Rocca, Elia reiterates the need to use masks.

«As in Sicily and in the rest of Italy – begins Elia – also a Ragusa the situation is not the best.
If we think that as of June 13th we had about 1800 infections and today we have over 4000, we certainly cannot rest assured.
In the space of two weeks, the numbers have more than doubled and these are only the official figures, because I think there are also positive Covid people who are not registered.
This of course is a very personal thought of mine, matured from the fact that, since DIY tampons are being used a lot, it is clear that those who are positive and have no symptoms and at the same time have an activity to do, I do not think that close shop.
Then there are also those who have symptoms and do not undergo a tampon ».

«We must continue to be cautious – continues the general manager of the Asp di Ragusa – I, for example, a few days ago I attended a meeting and the next day we learned that there was someone positive, fortunately I had kept the mask and “I saved myself”.
This is to say that the virus always circulates and that we should keep the mask especially in closed places which, in turn, should always be ventilated.
The mask remains essential.
The Omicron BA.5 variant is very contagious even if fortunately it does not go down into the lungs, the proof is that out of 47 patients we have in hospital, none are in ICU ».

“It is however a very contagious variant – he adds -, even it is said to have an R0 equal to 15, like measles, which means that one person can infect up to 15 citizens.
So I repeat that the mask remains an extremely important device for closed places ».

«In autumn – concludes Elia – some things will have to happen: the placing on the market of the new vaccine which will be done to all citizens regardless of age.
The other thing that I think will happen, if this trend continues, is the mandatory mask in public environments and in indoor areas “.

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