Omelette with pumpkin flowers – Recipe to try



There omelette with pumpkin flowers it is a recipe present in all Italian regions and therefore also in Sicilian cuisine. Pumpkin flowers are the flower of the zucchini plant, the most consumed edible flower in Italy. The period in which they reach maturity is from spring to the whole summer. Tasty and choreographically beautiful you can prepare numerous dishes, among all Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers.

The omelette with pumpkin flowers is a very tasty dish; I'm sure you'll make a great impression with your guests. You can present it as an appetizer, cut into squares with a toothpick for a standing dinner or a buffet or as a side dish. If you want to make it lighter rather than in the pan, you can opt for baking. Let your imagination run wild by adding the most aromatic herbs you like; I usually add parsley and sometimes pieces of scamorza.

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