Old Catania football, bankruptcy investigations closed on six former directors of Torre del Grifo

The Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office has issued a notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations of the investigation which sees six people under investigation for the alleged fraudulent bankruptcy of Calcio Catania Servizi srl, established with sole shareholder Calcio Catania spa, declared bankrupt on 21 September 2020 and which managed the structure Torre del Grifo.

They are three former sole directors of the company – Pietro Lo Monaco, Giovanni Luca Rosario Astorina and Giuseppe Di Natale – and three former members of the Board of Directors, Antonio Carbone, Alessandro Gabriele Failla and Giuseppe Franchina.

The provision was signed by the deputy prosecutor Fabio Regolo. The investigation is based on investigations by the Catania financial police. According to the indictment, the six suspects, in the roles covered over time and for various reasons, would have “caused or in any case aggravated, as a result of malicious operations, the collapse of the company which was in a situation of clear uneconomic management since its establishment, with ever-increasing losses and a constant obvious financial imbalance. In particular, the Public Prosecutor contests, “having already lost the share capital in 2016 with a zero net equity, with a negative value of 44,630 euros, without proceeding with the envisaged fulfilments”, they allegedly “continued the company activity with a view to continuity, without limiting itself to the conservation of the company’s assets”.
All this, is the thesis of the accused contested in the management of the bankrupt Calcio Catania Servizi srl, «for the sole purpose of keeping alive a continuation serving the sole needs of the parent company (since Calcio Catania spa needed to use the Torre del Grifo), thus accruing further losses and aggravating the debt exposure up to over 1,918,000 euros, a sum corresponding to the ascertained debts».

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