“Offices with little funds and equipment”

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 09:51

Share “The unsuccessful employment policy in Sicily is certified by a merciless analysis by the Court of Auditors: there are more structures on the island than in Lombardy and with a staff rich in people without specific skills and IT tools. On the other hand, the Region he pays a little less than one and a half million euros a year for these offices, compared to over 61 million in Lazio. It is worse with the citizen’s income, few find employment “. This is said by the vice president of the Pio La Torre Center, Franco Garufi. “If only the main structures are considered in the analysis – explains Garufi – the spread of Employment Centers is greater in Sicily (with 68 operating bodies), followed by Lombardy (63), Emilia Romagna and Tuscany (47 ) “. Sicily has articulated its system in 9 provincial CPI services and in various territorial centers belonging to the respective provincial services. Ours is also the region with the largest number of staff: with its 2,364 operators – including 429 navigators – it collects more than 20 percent of the total staff employed throughout the country (10,895 employees), followed by Lombardy with 1,063 operators (9.77 per cent) located in 82 offices and from Lazio with 996 employees (9.15 per cent) working at 47 Centers. The IT equipment of the structures appears to be completely inadequate. Less than half of Sicilian operators use an IT equipment; of them only 1074 have a PC; printers are few in number, just 277. It is worse with the citizenship income: “Sicily – underlines Garufi – was together with Campania among the main beneficiaries of the measure”. As of February 28, 2021, the beneficiaries potentially required to stipulate the personal employment agreement (PPL) on the island amounted to 316,893. 4504 excluded subjects, 6210 exempted, 4147 deferred to the inclusion agreement must be subtracted from this number. 302,032 beneficiaries, women and men, remained “Work Ready”. “However, there were only 3,131 personal plans for accompanying work – concludes Garufi -. Proof of the fact that a useful and necessary measure to combat poverty and social exclusion and that it must be defended from the very heavy attacks it is undergoing by the Center Right and by Matteo Renzi, however, better defined, first of all by intervening with a legislative modification that clearly separates the measures of taking charge and income support of last resort, from the active labor policies which must instead find a more adequate instrumentation in the coordination between the central government and the regions and with a new role of Ampal (commissioner and reported within the ministerial structure), as well as the resolution of the Court of Auditors highlights beyond any doubt “.

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