Occupation swooping in Messina, the CISL: “A devastating photograph of the city”

The provincial secretary of the CISL Nino Alibrandi comments on the report released by the Messina Chamber of Commerce on the city’s occupation. The decline in employment is certainly the first effect generated by the Covid 19 pandemic in Messina, with a decrease in 2020 of 3,645 jobs compared to the previous year. This was announced by the Chamber of Commerce. Even if the consistency of Messina entrepreneurship between business openings and closures records a positive balance of 605 units (in the same period of 2019, the balance was +616), out of an overall stock of businesses equal to 62,808, we must take also the decrease in the number of employees compared to the previous year. «The balance between registered and discontinued companies is substantially the same – says the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Ivo Blandina – no decrease recorded is significant. But this is certainly not a picture of what is happening because the terminations take much longer than the inscriptions. The fact that, on the other hand, is sobering is that, certainly, the first concrete effect of the pandemic is the vertical drop in employment for fixed-term and seasonal workers. And this in a system where jobs are still guaranteed, given the impossibility of making redundancies. When these measures are removed, unfortunately, we will see the number of workers who lose their jobs grow exponentially ».

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