objective permanence, but the aim is to grow

On Sunday 26 September, in the splendid setting of the amphitheater of the prestigious hotel in the Agrigento Valley, the Seap Dalli Cardillo Volleyball Aragona was officially presented to the institutions and the press, who is preparing to play the championship of Serie A2 . The event was attended, among others, by the managers of the club, the mayor of Aragona Giuseppe Pendolino, the mayor of Agrigento Franco Miccichè and the councilor for sport of the Municipality of Agrigento Costantino Ciulla, and the representatives of the main sponsors of Volleyball Aragon: the main sponsor Sergio Vella of Seap, Pietro Murania of Kemeco (sponsor of Volleyball Aragon for 19 years), Gerlando Galluzzo of Mediterranea Serramenti of Aragona and Rosario Pendolino of the company “Terra Dunci”.

To do the honors, in the hotel owned by the Dalli Cardillo family, another main sponsor of the biancoazzurra team, the President Nino Di Giacomo who with pride and satisfaction immediately announced that the home games of Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona will be played in modern and efficient sports facility of the “PalaMoncada” of Porto Empedocle, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the Moncada family, owner of the building and the “Fortitudo Academy Agrigento”, manager of the gaming facility . Di Giacomo publicly thanked the President of Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento Gabriele Moncada , a company that plays in the Serie B men’s basketball championship, and the President of the “Fortitudo Academy Agrigento”, the lawyer Gabriele Iacono , who also attended the event. Di Giacomo declared: “I am really happy to be able to announce this very important news: the PalaMoncada becomes our new home and I thank the owners, the Moncada family, for this concession which allows us to solve a problem of no small importance. The Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona will play in an avant-garde structure, comfortable from all points of view. In the meantime, we hope that the Municipality of Agrigento will complete the works to open the new sports hall in via Ugo La Malfa as soon as possible “. The representatives of the “Fortitudo Agrigento” company, Gabriele Moncada and Gaberiele Iacono, stated: “We are happy to be able to meet the needs of Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona and to open the doors of our structure to the team of President Nino Di Giacomo. Unity is strength and by collaborating we can certainly all contribute to the social growth of our territory and sport is certainly an important vehicle for promotion ”. Nino Di Giacomo , during his speech, also stressed the importance of returning to play in Serie A: “We wanted Serie A2 with great initiative and enthusiasm, a very prestigious and this is why I publicly thank the many companies that support and support us. We want to plan an even brighter future. Now the focus is entirely on Serie A2, a difficult championship that we will face with humility and a lot of determination ”. The main sponsor Sergio Vella of Seap underlined the ambition of the Company stating: “We are very ready to live a season that hopefully will give us enormous and great satisfactions. Our goal is undoubtedly the permanence in A2. But day after day we all work together to grow further ”. The grand finale was reserved for the presentation of the technical staff and the players. Coach Stefano Micoli declared: “We are aware that a difficult Serie A2 championship awaits us with numerous well-equipped teams and important staff. We work every day with a lot of effort to arrive in good condition for the championship debut on 10 October on the field of Olbia. I am happy to work in a healthy, ambitious environment and with a very solid company. We have put up a young roster, the girls really want to do well and show off “. Lastly, the captain Serena Moneta spoke who, after thanking the club for yet another reconfirmation in the blue-white jersey, said: “We are working hard to achieve the goal of staying in the championship of A2. We know it will be a difficult season but we have the right spirit to do well and take away great satisfaction “.

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