Nui learns of the menace that is Enna Alouette 【Nijisanji EngSub】

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  1. Soooo… Nobody wants to tell nui of enna's dark humor huh… Or literally anything else that enna is known for… This is gonna be a ride…

  2. Nui: Enna hates birds? I wonder if there are any bird-like people on our team?

    Yeah… Enna…

  3. Is a big event about to take place, all the name and groups? In person or just online?

  4. Nui really wanted Millie for the aesthetic but Lize's degen magnet too stronk, only missing Vox for the NijiEn Yabai Elite 4.

  5. Dang and Enna was trying so hard to not let that be her catch phrase, and here it is being her JP senpai's first impression of her. 😂🤣

  6. Making Enna the brawler won’t go well. Poor girl craves violence, but it certainly isn’t her strong suite. 🤣

  7. A good team often has players who set the tone through emotion. Enna is totally one of those people, and Nui called it right that Enna would definitely be the first person out of the dugout ready to fight the other team if they did something to her teammates.

  8. Nui you can't just say "i bet she smells nice" like it's a normal thing. Sasuga nijisanji

  9. Oh my my, Nui-san. Wait 'til you learn the full force of the Enna-Millie combo =))))

  10. Nui led, "Chomolungma" in "Chomolungma High School" means large breasts, but will Enna be ok…?
    Well… Enna has big boobs too… um…

  11. She might just be the most yabai, that's the best part……… She's not 😂

  12. I love how Nui drafted her team. She picked Ange + Livers with "assets", then she got Enna and Hana in the roulette. Ange is not alone.

  13. Wait till she hears Enna malding and cursing on her stream, tbh that's one of the reasons why i fell at the rabbit hole of Nijisanji 😂

  14. I like how “She’s a potty mouth” is the first description she picks up from chat.

  15. This is one of my favorite parts of koshien, seeing livers unlikely to have many interactions before learning about each other and getting close! Nui's always super fun n lovely, I'm super excited to see how her team performs throughout the next month~ I'll be cheering for her and Lize-sama the most

  16. "so she has a cool voice?"
    yes, she's got a cool voice

    for both singing and swearing

  17. I love how nui said "wait do we have bird like people in our team?" without realizing that enna herself is kind of like a bird LMAO it's actually nice of her though to find out more abt the people she got!! I hope u guys can also check her out since shes actually really cool and talented too~

  18. I can hear Enna cursing those line when she got hot by the ball. 🤣

  19. I don't think there'll be any problems unless you can insert her actual personality into the game, which would be hilarious if you ask me personally 🤣

  20. Because of this clip they had a cute interaction on Twitter.

    Gonna be a fun tourney

  21. Nui: "She'll most likely snap if someone on our team gets hit with the ball."
    My brain suddenly imagines someone getting hit with a baseball and coach Enna's voice booming over the field going "You fucking bitch!"