Novell’Olio 2023: Three days in Partinico dedicated to Sicily’s green gold

Everything is ready for the seventh edition of Novell’Olio, the event dedicated to the best Sicilian extra virgin olive oils and more. At the Real Cantina Borbonica in Partinico, three days are dedicated to Sicilian olive oil through direct experiences, informative talks, and debates on its use, as well as on oleotourism, the new frontier of experiential tourism that offers a green approach to travelers looking for unforgettable travel experiences. This is the theme of “Oleotourism: instructions for use,” a text by journalist Mario Liberto, which will officially open the seventh edition of the event. There will also be oil tasting courses and other initiatives promoted by the Order of Agronomists to promote this valuable food. “The event is aimed at promoting a highly identity-conscious product for our territory,” says Totò Bonura, a member of Pro loco Cesarò Partinico APS, the organization promoting the event. “Now more than ever, olive oil can be used in many ways, not just gastronomic and nutraceutical, but also as a beauty ally and a precious elixir of well-being.” Visitors can also enjoy typical local products such as “cassateddi di ciciri” and “sasizza pasqualora partinicese,” both of which are registered in the P.A.T. registry.”

Novell’Olio 2023, a Partinico tre giorni dedicati all’oro verde siciliano

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