nothing done for Seus and the Democratic Party calls for a turning point for Foss

No names for Seus. The investee company of the Region, which deals with the emergency and urgency sector in health care and plays a very important role in the management of the pandemic in progress, still remains without top management. Nothing in the shareholders’ meeting called for today in which the successor of Davide Croce, former president of the board of directors, who fell a few weeks ago together with the members Pietro Marchetta and Tania Pontrelli, should have been chosen. An unexpected outcome, considering the very heated tensions between the League, of which Croce belongs to the area, and the president of the Region Nello Musumeci.

And while Seus still remains without governance, the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party also draw the attention of the regional government to another body: the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation. “Only by putting an end to the commissioner and appointing a board of directors composed of authoritative and competent figures will it be possible to guarantee the regular functionality of the body, safeguarding its prestige and its history”, says Giuseppe Lupo, Pd group leader at Ars, who presented a question on the subject signed by all the parliamentarians of the group. “The president of the Region – continues Lupo – has the duty to examine the appeal signed by the 61 permanent orchestra professors at Foss”. Two “heavy” posts that are part of the gluttonous cauldron of appointments that sooner or later the regional government will have to put a hand to. In fact, not only Seus and Foss are at stake, but also Ast, the regional transport company, where Gaetano Tafuri, of the Movimento per Autonomia area, is currently president; and Sas, a fundamental pawn in the political chessboard, currently chaired by Giuseppe Di Stefano, a loyalist of the forerunner Riccardo Savona. Before deciding, the president of the Nello Musumeci Region will have to deal with the forces of his majority, especially in view of the next electoral campaign for the 2022 Regionals. In this scenario, the success of the session, scheduled for tomorrow morning, of the regional parliamentary commission for Institutional Affairs is not taken for granted, once again convened after some postponements precisely to give the green light to some minor appointments, before facing the very important challenge that it will concern the directors of the ASPs, hospitals and other companies of the regional health system.

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