” Notes to the Museum ” – Antonella Ruggiero at Palazzo Abatellis – Palazzo Abatellis – Palermo

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It kicks off Thursday 7 July, at 21:00to the Regional Museum of Palazzo Abatellis the first of nine concerts by the chamber groups ofSicilian Symphony Orchestra with Antonella Ruggiero, Roberto Olzer and the Quintezz Jazz by Foss.

The Regional Department of Cultural Heritage, Foss and the University of Palermo together for a different way of using the museum spaces.
“Notes to the Museum” it is the first of nine concerts to be held between Palazzo Abatellis and the Botanical Garden.

The concert is free to enter, without reservation, subject to availability of seats.
At the end of which a visit to the collections of the Abatellis museum and the Botanical Garden is planned.

The musical review will allow spectators to enjoy highly suggestive spaces in a different way, such as the courtyard of the fifteenth-century Palazzo Abatellis, designed by Matteo Carnilivari and set up after the war as a museum by Carlo Scarpa and the Botanical Garden, one of the most important academic institutions Italian.

Antonella Ruggiero is the star of this first concert.
For a long time her voice has held the ground in the Italian music scene.
The artist’s image has been associated with that of the Matia Bazar, the ensemble that made her famous, and with which she worked for fourteen years.
Then she was the turn of a solo career, of the path of new artistic paths from sacred music to jazz, passing through Jewish, Portuguese, Oriental and popular tradition music.
A career studded with numerous engravings.
From Libera (1996), to the very recent “Come aria che si rinnova”, a collection of 18 songs selected by Antonella Ruggiero starting from the repertoire of songs written by her and for her from 1996 to today, with arrangements reworked for the occasion, giving great emphasis to the weaving of strings and the specificity of sound worlds, including the so-called Sospesa, which features a composition by Ennio Morricone.
Antonella Ruggiero will propose some of the songs that made her famous such as For an hour of love and You feel, but also songs by artists such as Luigi Tenco and Fabrizio De Andrè, progressive rock by Pfm and other pieces by Hraburg / Arlen Guido Haazen Gabriel Fauré.

There will be at the piano Roberto Olzer, formed under the guidance of Maestro Giancarlo Parodi.
Olzer, a native of Domodossola, in 1994 graduated in Organ and Organ Composition at the G.
Verdi Conservatory in Milan.
His jazz improvisation begins with Ramberto Ciammarughi, which he deepens with stages and seminars held by other leading figures of the piano scene such as S.
Battaglia and E.
He completed his training by graduating in Piano with Maestro Alberto Magagni, and in Alexander Technique with Daniele Bottaro.
In addition to the concert activity as organist and pianist and the recordings, he also combines didactic activity.

THE Quintezz, a project inspired by the famous Trio Loussier, were born recently from a strong need to explore new musical worlds and are among the most interesting formations in our musical panorama.
Over time, the purely classical ensemble has undergone contamination of various musical genres including jazz.
In addition to the coltrainian modal jazz, it includes derivations from classical music with a strong rhythmic matrix of the early twentieth century (Stravinskij, Bartok, Orff), all often contaminated; from Otis Redding’s rhythm and blues.
The Quintezzes boast collaborations with Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani.
The group will also propose a composition by Luciano Saladino, Medley Quintezz.

Sicilian Symphony Orchestra
Via Turati, 2 – 90139 Palermo / Tel.

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