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No to the “electric gun”, Common Left: “Palermo capital of rights, taser instrument of torture”

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“The taser is an instrument of torture, we are not the ones to say it – say the municipal councilors of the Left Common in response to the note of the councilor Gelarda.
“The UN asserts this because of the extreme pain it causes; moreover, the taser endangers the life of those affected: it can cause ventricular arrhythmias, cardiac arrest and death.
According to Reuters, at least a thousand deaths caused by the This is why we are opposed to the possibility that the municipal police of Palermo adopt these devices “.

“The issue has already been addressed in the city council – the municipal councilors of the Left Municipality conclude – we reiterate that Palermo does not need to equip itself with electric guns, considered weapons in all respects in Italy.
Using devices that emit strong and painful electrical impulses would be a serious violation of the fundamental rights of the person “.