No Tav assault in Valsusa, 14 injured

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TURIN (ITALPRESS) – The toll of the clashes caused by the No Tav in Valsusa at the San Didero shipyard is 14 injured, including a dozen police officers.
However, the agents prevented the antagonists from entering the construction site.
In the most violent phases of the demonstrators’ action, a fire was unleashed on the edge of the motorway lane, probably caused by the artifices launched against the police forces, which was tamed by the agents through the use of hydrants before it could cause further damage.
The reclamation procedures of the motorway section were immediately started, through the intervention of the Artificieri Unit and the staff of Sitaf, in order to free the mantle from any unexploded ordnance and allow the restoration of the road system as soon as possible by removing the logs, glass bottles and all material that can pose a danger to users.

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2022-07-30 22:09:00

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