No parking in Messina: fines managed in Bologna cost a minimum of € 43.90 with photodetection

The traffic police proceed to challenge the parking prohibited with the help of photographic surveys, translated into the practice well known to motorists means that a “flying” of the municipal police photographer passes by and a couple of months later arrives from the “Sapi Service Center Ser Cmp ”of Bologna the report on the violation of the highway code specifying that“ the violation was not immediately contested due to the absence of the transgressor or owner ”. Total, € 43.90 if paid within five days, otherwise it becomes € 56.50 in the following sixty days.

But is it really true that these are always cars parked and abandoned for a certain time? Or maybe the violation is not contested because it is detected through a camera installed on the roof of the “steering wheel” in transit that immortalizes the license plates and proceeds without caring whether or not someone is on board?

If the service works as it appears, the “steering wheel” runs along the main roads of the city, photographs the theory of banned cars and does not stop, even when the driver is behind the wheel and perhaps is temporarily paused to get off. or to wait for a passenger. In this case the photo immortalizes only a moment, without the possibility for the interested party to be able to contest the report. And if, as happened, the driver is behind the wheel, does that photographic relief highlight his presence or does he limit himself to shooting only the license plate? And how do you contest the minutes two months later, when the notification arrives?

That wording “the violation was not contested due to the absence of the transgressor” is a pure written formality because this is what the Highway Code requires? But in that case it cannot go unnoticed which is still a fake. And yes, because it falsely certifies the absence of the transgressor who, moreover, can no longer prove his presence two months later. Less than ever he can do it by talking to the service company in Bologna that manages the sanctions on behalf of the municipal police and to which 14.50 euros go to each fine “for costs of proceedings and notification”. So if you rush to pay, it’s a minimum of 29.40 plus 14.50 for notification: that’s 43.90 euros.

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