'No Draghi day', demonstrations in Palermo and Catania

In the streets against the government’s maneuver

PALERMO – Against the government’s economic maneuver, grassroots trade unionism takes to the streets next Saturday throughout Italy on ‘No Draghi Day’: Cub, Usb, Cobas, Usi and other acronyms take part in the initiative. Parades have been announced, starting from 15, in the main cities including Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Catania and Palermo.

“The period of social harmony in the country ends with this event – underlines Walter Montagnoli, national secretary of the CUB -. The reduction of taxes must be concentrated in the lower income brackets but strong wage increases are necessary, policies for the maintenance and increase of employment and for workers’ rights with the total reinstatement of art. 18 and the blocking of layoffs, the abolition of health tickets, and adequate investments in health, education and transport “. The Budget Law 2022 “unmasked – it is denounced by the grassroots unions – the policy of Draghi, which allocates money and relief to bosses and industrialists and little or nothing for workers: pensions, health care, school, precarious work, housing remain completely unsolved problems “.

On pensions, the choices are “totally negative because quota is abolished 100 and the retirement age is increased, both with quota 102 both with the woman option “and” it is not true that we think of young people as the contributory system will give them hunger pensions and no one says that even in 2022 the calculation coefficients will decrease ”. Among other things, it is requested to raise to 80% of the wage coverage of the redundancy fund. The concentrations are in Milan in Palazzo Lombardia, in Rome in piazza della Repubblica, in Turin in piazza Solferino, in Palermo in piazza Massimo, in Catania in piazza Cavour, in Naples in piazza del Gesù

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