no control and inconvenience for citizens

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When we talk about roads in the center of Agrigento, our thoughts immediately turn to the Ztl of via Atenea, a cross and delight of anyone who frequents that area of ​​the city.

In the evening, however, the “good living room” of the city encounters other and much more complex problems to manage, due to the enormous presence of “abandoned” cars parked practically everywhere.

Being able to count on the total absence of controls and sanctions, in fact, the average user of the nightlife venues does not disdain to leave their car comfortably parked on the sidewalk or in areas where it would be equally forbidden to stop, entailing risks and inconvenience for citizens.

“How beautiful the city center – comments an Agrigento on social networks -.
Forced to walk with strollers in the street because the sidewalks are occupied by cars and immediately after we get stuck in via Acrone due to the cars all closed to parking, making the way (two-way) single carriageway! “.

The situation will obviously get worse, the longer the summer season goes on and considering that the eyes of the competent authorities are focused on the viability of San Leone (but without palpable results).

News from Sicily 2022-07-03 12:52:00

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