"No complicity with the coop that defrauded the institution but so much negligence": requested acquittal for the Park director


No criminal association had been set up because "the minimum organizational structure is lacking" and the current director of the Archaeological Park of Agrigento, Roberto Sciarratta, "had no agreement with the coop that managed the stands in the Valley of the Temples and cheated the body doing the ridge ". Both Sciarratta, at the time – in 2011 and 2012 – manager of an Operational Unit that Maurizio Attanasio, another official responsible for the concession granting the areas, according to the public prosecutor Elenia Manno, “allowed scams for gross negligence but without the necessary fraud that serves to configure the association to commit a crime, a crime for which they are accused, or other hypotheses such as abuse of office ”.

An acquittal was sought against them "for not having committed the act". The same request, limited to the criminal association charge, for the four managers of the Lagana cooperative. "There was no organization, in a technical sense – the magistrate of the Public Prosecutor reiterated, we are in the presence of a fraud".

La Lagana, attributable to Carmelo Vella and his sons Giuseppe and Sonia, in particular – according to the prosecutor's hypothesis – violating the procedures set out in the notice and the agreement stipulated between the Municipality and the Park, would have failed to computerize the parking management, using park cards and applying higher prices in order to keep the difference in light of the fact that the Park should have collected a percentage. The non-payment of the annual fee of 10 thousand euros is also disputed.

In the list of defendants also Alfonso Zammuto, 69, another responsible for the Lagana. "The texts confirmed to us – he added the PM – that they were in fact managing the activity". For Carmelo Vella, "the real de facto holder – underlined the prosecutor Elenia Manno – of the coop", was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment for the accusation of aggravated fraud. One year each for the other three defendants.

The judges of the first penal section, chaired by Alfonso Malato, set three more hearings. On November 21 and December 12 the lawyers of the accused (lawyers Olindo Di Francesco, Antonino Casalicchio, Daniela Posante, Grazia Marchese, Antonella Arcieri, Pierluigi Cappello and Salvatore Maurizio Buggea are part of the defense team) will present their speeches. On December 19 – after any replies – the sentence will be issued.

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