No charge of extortion for Arnone: process coming up for the crime of private violence


From the primitive crime hypothesized of extortion to the far more tenuous crime of private violence.

This is the final act of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Agrigento, prosecutors Alessandra Russo and Cecilia Baravelli, who concluded the surveys on a matter that inflamed public opinion and brought the former environmentalist Giuseppe Arnone to prison (the first time) . The ritual warning that usually precedes the request for trial, has already been notified to the suspect.

For prosecutors, Arnone "taking advantage of the status of" disability defense, which stemmed from his status as a suspect for extortion ", would have forced the lawyer Francesca Picone to conclude a transaction in which she undertook to pay 50 thousand euros to put an end to a series of disputes and to sign an agreement under which checks were made for € 14,000. The hypothesis of the Prosecutor is that Arnone, who already …

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