“No changes in our team in the municipal council,” says Brothers of Italy convention in Palermo.

The convention of Fratelli di Italia has provided an opportunity to reflect on the first year of the Meloni government and outline future directions. The event began with a minute of silence for former President Giorgio Napolitano and the recent fire victims in Palermo. The vice mayor of Palermo, Carolina Varchi, expressed her belief that there is a criminal hand behind the fires and emphasized the need for heavier sanctions for arsonists. Varchi also discussed a potential reshuffle within the municipal government and praised her Culture Minister, Giampiero Cannella. Mayor Roberto Lagalla clarified that his absence from a recent event should not be interpreted as suspicious and provided updates on the fires, highlighting that they were contained with limited damage. Lagalla postponed discussions on a reshuffle until Monday. Minister of European Affairs Raffaele Fitto reassured that the third installment of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) would be received soon and mentioned ongoing discussions with the European Commission for the overall restructuring of the plan. Fitto also mentioned progress in meeting the goals for the fifth installment of the Pnrr, which aims to secure resources and ensure the completion of projects included in the plan.

Convention di Fratelli d’Italia a Palermo: “Nessun cambiamento della nostra squadra in giunta”

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