Nizza di Sicilia, drug dealing: a young man arrested

Yesterday evening, in Nizza di Sicilia, the Carabinieri of the station of Roccalumera arrested, in the act of crime, the 32-year-old FAG held responsible for possession of narcotic substances for the purpose of trafficking.

During the territorial control services aimed at ensuring compliance with the anti-contagion rules in consideration of the red zone established within the Municipality of Nizza di Sicilia, the Carabinieri carried out some checks at various public establishments.

In particular, at a commercial exercise, the military noticed the young man assume a particularly restless attitude during the check, therefore, suspicious, they proceeded to his personal search, finding him in possession of narcotic substance of the type marijuana for a total of 7.8 grams of which 3 grams were kept inside a transparent cellophane envelope and the rest already divided into 16 doses of 0.3.

The search was also extended to the house where the young man resides, where additional narcotic substance of the type marijuana for a total weight of about 75 grams, partly already divided into ready-to-sell doses, as well as a precision electronic slingbar.

The precision slingbar and all the narcotic substance were subjected to seizure and the young FAG was arrested, in flagrantee, for possession of narcotic substances and, at the end of the formalities, at the disposal of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor of Messina, he was subjected to house arrest pending the validation hearing that was held this morning at the outcome of which the Judge validated the arrest of the Carabinieri and ordered the precautionary measure of the obligation to sign at the competent Carabinieri Station for the man.

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