Niscemi father and son caught with two modified rifles

The Carabinieri conducted an operation in Niscemi, Italy, aimed at combating drug offenses, illegal weapons, and traffic violations. Over 50 officers, including personnel from the Sicilian Hunter Squadron and the K9 unit from Palermo, were involved in the operation. They checked 60 individuals and 40 vehicles, resulting in over €1,000 in fines. Several personal and home searches were conducted, leading to the arrest of a 54-year-old father and his 29-year-old son for possessing illegal firearms. During the searches, modified rifles were found. The two suspects are now under house arrest. In total, four individuals were reported for various offenses, including carrying weapons without justification, receiving stolen goods, and drug possession with intent to distribute. One 23-year-old was found in possession of 23 grams of hashish during a search of his car.

Niscemi, padre e figlio trovati con due carabine modificate

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