Nino Frassica and the Missing Cat in Spoleto: “Whoever took it doesn’t want to give it back, 10,000 euros to anyone who helps us.”

Nino Frassica, a Sicilian actor, is returning to Rome without his beloved cat, Hiro, who disappeared a month ago in Spoleto. Frassica believes that someone has taken Hiro and is keeping him in their home. Frassica has made multiple appeals on social media, doubling the reward initially set at €5,000. Frassica and his team have tried various methods to find Hiro, including using sniffer dogs and drones, but they are now relying on the hope that Hiro will be released once they return to Rome. Frassica asks anyone with information about Hiro to call a specific number, offering a reward of €10,000. The disappearance of Hiro, a sacred Birman cat, occurred while Frassica was filming the new season of his TV show in Spoleto. The community has actively joined the search, with numerous volunteers and thorough searches of every corner. Frassica pleads for help in finding Hiro, expressing his desire to return to Spoleto happily in the future.

Nino Frassica e il gatto scomparso a Spoleto: «Chi l’ha preso non vuole ridarcelo, 10 mila euro a chi ci aiuterà»

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