Nineteen year old in a coma in Favara after an accident, a man investigated after the crash

There is also a suspect for a very serious accident in Favara, which took place a few days ago, with a 19-year-old boy still in very serious condition, transferred by helicopter to “Villa Sofia” in Palermo, precisely because of the delicacy of the clinical picture.

The forty-year-old who was driving the BMW SUV into which the Fiat 600 crashed with the young man and a 23-year-old friend on board refused to undergo the alcohol test. For this reason he was entered in the register of suspects on charges of culpable personal injury and driving while intoxicated, precisely because he did not want to take the test.

The 19-year-old was aboard a Fiat Seicento which collided in via Aldo Moro against a BMW SUV during the night between Sunday and Monday. The impact was devastating: the car overturned several times, destroying itself.

The dynamics are still to be established. The wounded were rescued by the 118 ambulance personnel, the provincial command firefighters and the soldiers of the Arma. The 41-year-old aboard the SUV was unharmed, some trauma for the 23-year-old driving the Seicento, who is hospitalized in Agrigento, while the 19-year-old immediately appeared in serious condition and was immediately transferred by helicopter to Palermo.

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