Nine hundred kilos of frozen tripe seized by the police

The operation of the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto road. The goods were destined for a meat distribution center in Palermo

PALERMO – Nine hundred kilos of frozen cooked tripe were seized by the traffic police in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Me) because they were deemed “no longer suitable for human consumption and dangerous for public health”.

The goods were on board a truck and destined for a meat distribution center in the Palermo area. The vehicle, set up for the transport of goods at a controlled temperature, had already been sanctioned in December 2020 by the Marsala traffic police and, upon initial verification, it was found without revision and mandatory ATP certification which regulates the transport conditions of the perishable foods. Inside, fresh and frozen foods were crammed together in unsealed plastic bags.

The ASP showed that the product, which was supposed to travel at a temperature between -15 ° and -18 °, had a temperature of -3.4 °. Driver of the vehicle and owner of the company were reported for having allowed the distribution of food intended for commercial activities in a poor state of conservation.



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