Night of landings in Lampedusa: 329 arrivals after midnight

From midnight, 329 migrants arrived in Lampedusa, mostly Tunisians but also Indians, Malaysians, and Sudanese. They were rescued by the coast guard’s motorboats. 18 Tunisians, including a woman and 3 minors, managed to land at Molo Madonnina without any alarm or assistance. However, the yellow flame military blocked them and seized their 6-meter wooden boat. On Guitgia beach, the Carabinieri stopped 27 Eritreans, Sudanese, and Egyptians who arrived on a 7-meter fiberglass boat. The groups reported that they had departed from various locations in Tunisia. Yesterday, there were 28 landings in Lampedusa with a total of 992 people. A coast guard motorboat also rescued 48 Tunisians from the Lampione islet, who claimed to have arrived on a 9-meter wooden boat. The boat was not found.

Notte di sbarchi a Lampedusa, in 329 arrivano dopo la mezzanotte

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