Nicosia (Sicilian Identity): “many fragile subjects are unable to get vaccinated due to service malfunctions. Is this a civilized country?”

Certain events, in a civilized and evolved country, should never occur. In a civilized country, between managers and employees, many heads would have already blown.

How is it possible that many people belonging to the fragile categories, recognized and complete with a certificate, are unable to get vaccinated? It happens in Caltanissetta as in all other Sicilian and Italian realities.

A public service that does not in any way allow reservations for the vaccination of some fragile subjects. Several people, of many I know the cases personally, have been writing constantly to an e-mail,, for about a month, following the instructions of the ASP Caltanissetta portal, to book the first dose of vaccine for the relative fragile, 100% invalid, even with exemption code 048 (tumor), “fragile subject”, without any result except an automatic responder.

As it was not possible to make the same booking on the electronic portal in the “fragile subject” category, probably due to an error or malfunction of the same portal, and having never received a response from the Caltanissetta ASP, the same people go, even with a booking not recognized as a fragile subject, because the system does not allow it, and an appropriate exemption copy of the subject in question, at the Caltanissetta vaccination center in via Giuseppe Mulè n ° 1 in the hope that operators use common sense or vaccinate them on the spot and immediately or to book them on a certain date.

Impossible! There is no common sense and application of human logic and reason. The robot has to tell us. They are invited to leave and sent back to the email address, which never returns a concrete and certain answer,

Citizens, despite having reported to health professionals the disservice, lack of answers, the documentation exposed and having recognized that the subject cannot have administered Astrazeneca, find a wall of rubber, only a classic automatic response: he’s right!

Doesn’t a public service that is necessary and primary for human health, and even more so for fragile people who should have top priority, work?

This is a country where there is never a responsible person, no one answers for anything and the identity of who should give the answers is always unknown. Italy is a hypocritical country, it institutes disability days, for grandparents, and then it doesn’t give a damn about the same subjects, on which there is a lot of media and political speculation. Hypocrisy!

It is in these cases that a true civilized country demonstrates its organizational skills and sensitivity towards these people.

Why does he put his head in the sand, with no referent, no culprit, no answer?

On the one hand we adopt a system of media terrorism for the obligation of vaccination and on the other we limit ourselves to downloading fragile people without any response, only with a simple exclamation: “you are right”, and then sent back to write to the same email which does not give a response.

We strongly denounce this state of affairs and I sincerely hope for investigations that find the culprits of these inefficiencies.