Nicosia, hit by a van: show organizer dies

Fatal accident this morning in the center of Nicosia (Enna). Giuseppe Casabona, 54, was run over while crossing the street.

Giuseppe Casabona, known by everyone as Pino, was hit in full by a van in via Bernardo di Falco, an artery of the town that leads to the main square and where there are numerous public offices and commercial activities. From a first reconstruction it seems that the vehicle was not proceeding at high speed. In fact, it is not excluded that Casabona slipped and fell just as the vehicle that overwhelmed him arrived. But the exact dynamics will be reconstructed from the surveys of the traffic police and the traffic police.

Casabona was well known in Nicosia because for decades he had been involved in organizing and also presenting shows, street demonstrations, historical re-enactments that he often presented. Casabona was married and father of two children.

The accident also causes discussion from the point of view of road safety. In a post on Facebook Peppe Trapani, a citizen of Nicosia, writes: “In my opinion, as I said a couple of years ago, at that point it should never be possible to turn left and for some time it went like this. , but then, as we know, populism, signature collections, friends of the anarchist traffic, led to the return of the usual chaos and the usual pedestrian risk. The fact is that today we mourn poor Pino Casabona, everyone’s great friend. I hope that his death will lead to a review of the pedestrian traffic in our city, which is highly at risk, which in several places presents very high risks, which for commercial purposes throws pedestrians and wheelchairs on the road with all the associated risks, in a city where sidewalks are practically absent. When is the chance to see respect for the rules and not the current anarchy? ”.

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