Nicola Costa, from the Teatro della Legalità to the Catania building

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CATANIA – Nicola Costa it is without a doubt one of the most successful and loved artists by the Sicilian public, which boasts a respectable curriculum in which the numerous people make a fine show awards And awards of which he was awarded in the course of a quarter of a century of career.

Among the many shows written and represented, we remember him with pleasure in his masterful interpretation in “Dear Ludwig“- a tribute to Beethoven – and in the role of Pasolini in”Only love matters”, His personal tribute to the great Bolognese writer.

As soon as shooting on the set of “The inventions of Kupin”, The new film by Massimiliano Russo which will soon be in cinemas, we talked about great and important news of the professional future of the actor, director and playwright Nicola Costa, artistic director and creator of the cultural and social project “Theater and Legality Studies Center” that Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July will direct to the Zo center of Catania his applauded “Portrait of an island“, The show that after years returns to the stage again in our city, in view of another important theatrical project which, in the autumn, will see him among the interpreters of the Building in Catania in “As you want me”By Pirandello, with the directed by Luca De Fusco.

“Portrait of an island” is a text with a high social content, raised like a son over the years.
Can you tell us how this show was born and developed?

“It’s a project born in 2004 and ever since it never stopped.
There have been replicas almost everywhere from prisons, to schools where unfortunately, even today, there are phenomena of school dropout, up to theaters and amphitheaters.
Over the years it has been enriched with various and new literary contributions.

He has been missing from the Catania scene for six years and, for me, it is always a pleasure to rearrange it in my city.
Given the contents treated, I believe that it is a ‘socially useful’, morally and artistically educational representation that aims to give a moment of due reflection and commemoration thirty years after the Capaci and via D’Amelio massacres.

‘Portrait of an island’ accompanies the viewer in a journey through the literature of Pirandello, Sciascia, Tomasi di Lampedusa and Fava and among the facts of crime news that have accompanied the last decades, with quotations and references to men such as Dalla Chiesa, Livatino, Chinnici, Don Pino Puglisi, Peppino Impastato, Falcone, Borsellino.

Within the story there is also a moment that tells the pain of a woman transversal victim of mafia executions.
The goal is to shake consciences, to make the deepest folds of the soul vibrate ”.

It will be a summer full of shows …

“Yes and I’m happy with it.
The July 28 I will bring back on stage ‘At dinner with Pablo‘, the tribute to the great Pablo Neruda al Musco and the August 7for the Catania Summer Festat Castello Ursino, my ‘Only love matters‘, a homage to Pasolini in the centenary dedicated to him “.

Change at the top of the Catania Stable with the new direction of Luca De Fusco, who sees her among the actors of the cast of Luigi Pirandello’s “Come tu mi hai” which will start a tour throughout Italy.
What has changed?

Talking about past mistakes is of no use to anyone.
Surely many have been committed, but from today we turn the page by writing a new and different chapter.
We must look forward with optimism and positivity.
I am convinced that the new director will do very well.

Luca De Fusco is un man of great experience and competencehe has intuition and determination to go further and improve the situation.

I thank him for wanting me in this new production of one of Pirandello’s lesser-known texts, in one top notch company econ an important co-production of the Teatro Stabile of Catania that will tour Italy touching several Stables of the peninsula “.

The world of theater and entertainment was, perhaps, the sector most penalized by covid, but we know that in difficulties, changes that help to grow arise.
Is this the case?

“There pandemic brought gods major changes for the world of actors.
With the trade union SLC CGILto which I belong, has made himself a lmeticulous workmanship and some have been reached very important results: among all approval in the Senate of ddl that finally recognizes that it study and the training represent working time for entertainment professionals and as such they go framed; we managed to get gods refreshments importantas well as access to a variety of shock absorbers social which until a few years ago were considered utopia.
All of us Sicilian professionals will never stop thanking Luigi Tabita and Gianluca Patanè for their commitment and for the results achieved “.

Before concluding our chat, can you reveal, if there is, a dream in the drawer of Nicola Costa?

I would like people to stop being brutal, ungrateful, irreverent, hypocritical, sometimes cruel.
THE values on which I try to base my personal and artistic life are basically three: love, to donate And to forgive.

And I wish we remembered more often that our passage on this planet is not infinite and that it is time to use our time to the fullest.
The whole universe would notice and would be delighted.
I wait for you at the theater “.

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