New Year’s Eve: many in the square in Palermo to greet the new year

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 01 JAN – There were many Palermitans who greeted the arrival of the new year in the square. The protagonists of the long evening in front of the Politeama theater are the notes of the Sicily Pop Orchestra, the stories sung by Mario Incudine and the unmistakable voice of Francesco Gabbani, interspersed with the irony of Sergio Friscia, Salvo Piparo and Roberto Lipari.

After two years of pause due to the pandemic, the capital thus welcomed 2023. Barrels and fireworks in the square, despite the prohibitions. Mayor Roberto Lagalla took the stage to toast.

“Let’s do everything for the city to be reborn – said the mayor – We need the commitment of all of us, the Municipality and the citizens together. After years of pandemic and isolation, Palermo returns to celebrate the new year in the square, with a moment of great music and joy”. Hosting the show, directly from Striscia la Notizia and Rds, the Sicilian comedian Sergio Friscia with Ylenia Totino. Five hours of music and joy, with performances by three young Sicilian artists, Esdra, Bruna and Kid Gamma; then the Sicily Pop Orchestra conducted by maestro Antonio Zarcone with the participation of Mario Incudine and Alessio Bondì. After 11pm, Francesco Gabbani’s performance began, warming up the square with his songs. .