New Year’s Eve in Palermo, the joy of Lagalla: "Finally we all celebrate together"

“Finally after years of pandemic and isolation, Palermo returns to celebrate the new year in the square with a moment of great music and joy that I hope will give the Palermitans an unforgettable day. I thank the Giunta and all those who made the realization of this event possible with great commitment and work”. The mayor of Palermo speaks Roberto Lagalla at the press conference to present the new year 2023 in Palermo, where the complete cast of artists with whom the Palermo public will celebrate the beginning of the new year in Piazza Politeama was officially unveiled.

During the conference, which was held today in the council room of Palazzo delle Aquile, in addition to Roberto Lagalla, the Councilor for Culture Giampiero Cannella, the conductor and actor Sergio Friscia and the representatives of the constituent ATS, formed by GoMad Concerti Srls, Maurilio Cassata for Utopia Srls and Carmelo Galati for Wilder Cultural Association.

Palermitans will celebrate New Year’s Eve at Politeama – says councilor Cannella – in the most traditional of city squares with an event of great artistic importance. The New Year’s concert is not only a party for the local public, but an attractive event essential for consolidating the international reputation among the many tourists who flock to Palermo in these festive days”.

He is delighted to be able to spend together with Sergio Friscia from Palermo. “We will toast to a 2023 of health, peace, serenity, we will do it with lots of music and lots of laughter – says Friscia -. And speaking of music, it will be a joy to share the stage with Francesco Gabbani, a great songwriter and an extraordinary entertainer, full of energy and joy. I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic evening, on stage as well as in the audience, it will be a big party with friends, in a square packed with families. I invite everyone to participate and have fun with us. The stage will be a great showcase for talented Sicilian artists who will perform during the evening. There will be some welcome surprises. Password: fun!” And as I always say: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Friends… be happy!”.

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