New Year’s Eve in Palermo, save two fingers of the twelve year old injured by a firecracker

The doctors managed to save two of the fingers of the 12-year-old boy who yesterday in Carini picked up a firecracker on the street, an “onion”, which exploded shortly after.

We performed a very delicate operation – explains Adriana Cordova head of plastic surgery at the Palermo Polyclinic where there is a specialized center for hand reconstruction – the limb was devastated by the explosion. We were able to reconstruct and save the thumb and little finger. The other fingers are affected. The index was amputated, while the middle and the ring finger we had to remove some phalanxes. The situation is still under observation because the fabrics were damaged by the explosion. The patient was very brave and very strong cooperated with amazing character. It’s a pity that even today, due to the fireworks at the end of the year, serious episodes take place that mark the lives of young people forever”. The boy is assisted by a team of psychologists. Investigations are underway on the incident by the carabinieri of Carini’s company.

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