New Year’s Eve in Palermo, ready for the big party with Gabbani and Friscia

Password: forget two years of hell. And then go back to hugging each other, singing, dancing, toasting. All Italian cities, large and small, are preparing for New Year’s Eve, the first after two years of hiatus, and Palermo has chosen to decline it on a profoundly Sicilian scale, except for the awaited guest Francesco Gabbani, who nonetheless made sure to find us a Sicilian key for its performance. Which will not be a simple sortie, but a real concert lasting an hour and a half at the turn of midnight, with a ten-minute break for a toast.
The signature at the bottom of the whole “machine” is of three entrepreneurial realities, born on more or less underground stages and come to organize the most popular (young) festivals in the city: thus an Ats was born composed of GoMad Concerti by Giulio Castronovo , Utopia by Maurilio Cassata and Alessia Billitteri and Wilder association by Carmelo Galati.

They were the ones who presented a project to the Municipality – which was still without budget and could not launch the usual tender – but which was still able to approve it through the offices of the Department of Culture. Having said that, the machine that can count on young singers who already have a good audience has started – here is Kid Gamma, singer, pianist and beatmaker born in 2002; the twenty-one-year-old Esdra, singer-songwriter who participated in the finals of Music For Change 2022 («Music Against the Mafias») and ready to take off towards Casa Sanremo 2023; Bruna, singer and author born in 1997, of the Sicilian label Lo Stato Dell’Arte, who proposed her first single «Diario» in the limelight of «Che ci fatto qui» on Rai3 -, on the verve of Sergio Friscia and the beauty by Ylenia Totino (Calabrian who moved to Milan, presenter of a football program on Italia Sette Gold), to the music of the Sicily Pop Orchestra conducted by Antonio Zarcone, by Mario Incudine and Alessio Bondì, to the performance of Francesco Gabbani: it closes a raid in the ‘urban/black with the Sicilian reggae/hip hop collective Shakalab, born in 2010 and formed by Jahmento, Lorrè, Br1 and Marcolizzo.
In short, not too traditional, many incursions of the latest generation – which the organizers know very well – and great attention for the young public who hopefully will pour into the square.

Five hours and counting: it starts already at 8.15 pm live on Tgs and Rgs, and in streaming on the website as well as on the social networks of the newspapers, and goes on until 11 pm when Gabbani will take the stage. Grand master of ceremonies and orchestrator, Sergio Friscia grappling with his first New Year’s concert in his city.

«It will be a real rebirth, also because Palermo is coming out of the stalemate in which it has lived in recent years – says the mayor Roberto Lagalla – the approval of the budget allows us to look to the future with more serenity. Let’s go back to celebrating in the square after the years of the pandemic; and we do it live on Tgs which is the broadcaster that tells the story of the city and on the Giornale di Sicilia website which will get our message everywhere».

«Sergio Friscia and Francesco Gabbani need no introduction – intervenes the Councilor for Culture, Giampiero Cannella – and by their side they will have many established and emerging Sicilian artists. We hope that not only the citizens but many tourists flock to Piazza Politeama: I see them in the city, they are very many and we could not leave them without an event to remember».
From the organizers, thanks to the administration for accepting the proposal. «Palermo is the city we have chosen, the heart has brought us back home – they say – Now more than ever we are certain and convinced that having returned to live and work here, after years of training and working around the capitals of Italy and of Europe, it was the right idea». (*sit*)

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