New Year’s Eve in Palermo, here is the complete cast: times, guests and presenters of the event

The New Year’s concert is back in Palermo, after two years of closure due to the pandemic: the complete cast of artists with whom the Palermo public will celebrate the beginning of 2023 in Piazza Politeama was officially presented at the press conference, with the Sicilian actor Sergio Friscia conducting directly from Striscia la Notizia and Rds with Ylenia Totino. The stage is being defined, as you can see from the images.

Five hours of music, joy and happiness that will start at 20.00, with performances by three young Sicilian artists, Esdra, Bruna and Kid Gamma; then the Sicily Pop Orchestra conducted by Maestro Antonio Zarcone with the participation of Mario Incudine and Alessio Bondì. After 11.00 pm, the eagerly awaited performance by Francesco Gabbani, with which he will toast to the new year, which will be followed by the Sicilian collective Shakalab. The concert will also be visible on live TV on Tgs and Trm and in streaming on the digital platforms of the Giornale di Sicilia.

Palermo, the Municipality prohibits barrels and fireworks until January 6th


Palermo, the Municipality prohibits barrels and fireworks until January 6th

During the conference, which was held today in the Sala Giunta of Palazzo delle Aquile, the mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, the councilor for Culture Giampiero Cannella, the conductor and actor Sergio Friscia and the representatives of the constituent ATS, were present GoMad Concerti Srls, Maurilio Cassata for Utopia Srls and Carmelo Galati for Wilder Cultural Association.

Francesco Gabbani, who will give life to a real concert that will last about an hour and a half (starting a few minutes after 11.00 pm, then a 10-minute break for the count-down, to resume with another 45 minutes of great music) with a lineup with the most energetic, positive and fun songs, is excited to celebrate in Palermo in Piazza Politeama and tells an anecdote about his bond with Sicily: “I am tied to Sicily because my first guitar teacher, Alessandro Di Dio Masa is a genuine Sicilian, but also because every time I have the opportunity to play there it’s always a great emotion. And I have a boundless love for the master Franco Battiato. Bringing my music, my energy and my emotions to such a particular moment of the year where a point is made and the doors open to the year to come. I wish and hope great positivity. I thank all the municipal administration. I will put all my energy into it. See you on the 31st”.

“I am delighted to be able to spend the last night of the year together with the Palermitans and all those who will come to visit us in my beloved city in the splendid Piazza Politeama. We’ll toast to a 2023 of health, peace, serenity, we’ll do it with lots of music and lots of laughter. And speaking of music, it will be a joy to share the stage with Francesco Gabbani, a great songwriter and an extraordinary entertainer, full of energy and joy. I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic evening, on stage as well as in the audience, it will be a big party with friends, in a square packed with families. I invite everyone to participate and have fun with us. The stage will be a great showcase for talented Sicilian artists who will perform during the evening. There will be some welcome surprises. Password: fun!” And as I always say: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Friends… be happy!” Yours, Sergio Friscia.

The event is organized by the constituent ATS, made up of GoMad Concerti Srls, Maurilio Cassata and Alessia Billitteri for Utopia Srls and Carmelo Galati for the Wilder Cultural Association – in collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Municipality of Palermo -, young entrepreneurial realities in the cultural events that have decided to invest their experience and passion in Palermo and Sicily: “We sincerely want to thank Mayor Roberto Lagalla and Councilor for Culture Giampiero Cannella for having accepted our proposal. Palermo is the city we have chosen, the heart has brought us back home – declares the organization – Now more than ever we are certain and convinced that having returned to live and work here, after years of training and working around the capitals of ‘Italy and Europe, it was the right idea. The great opportunity given to us, to put our skills, abilities and passion to good use, at the service of the city we love for the realization of one of the most important events of the year, makes us proud and makes us truly happy. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the representatives of the municipal companies of the Municipality of Palermo who, with their availability, the fruitful exchanges in the continuous daily meetings, their service and the work of their teams once again form a ‘group’ around the realization of major events. ”

“The union of our production realities and the experience gained over the years – he continues – in the field of cultural events, with the collaboration and support of the Municipality of Palermo, gives us the strength to imagine and desire a magical and unforgettable night, a great show to be offered to the whole city and to the thousands of enthusiastic citizens and tourists who will come to celebrate the arrival of the new year in the square”.

The Sicily Pop Orchestra (soloists: Giuliana Di Libero, Pamela Barone and Katya Miceli), a collective of musicians and artists from all over the province of Palermo which, under the guidance of Maestro Antonio Zarcone, has as its objective the dissemination of music ” Popolare” Siciliana around the world, with the participation of Mario Incudine, Italian singer, theater actor and multi-instrumentalist, exponent of Sicilian popular music and one of the most representative characters of the new Italian world music, and Alessio Bondì, whose folk roots his music mix with contemporary rhythms and the exotic sound of his native language, the Palermo dialect. After Gabbani, Shakalab will perform – a Sicilian reggae/hip hop collective born in 2010 and formed by Jahmento, Lorrè, Br1 and Marcolizzo – today one of the most influential groups in the entire Italian urban/black scene.

At the opening, space for young talents from Palermo such as Kid Gamma, singer, pianist and beatmaker born in 2002, with the video of the new single “Farci Male” in an exclusive preview on MTV New Generation. Esdra, a 21-year-old Sicilian singer-songwriter, took part in the finals of Music For Change 2022 (“Music Against the Mafias”), a competition that saw her win the Musa Factory award and next participant in Casa Sanremo 2023. Brunette, singer and author born in 97, of the Sicilian label Lo Stato Dell’Arte, his first single “Diario” was presented in the program “Che ci fatto qui” on Rai3 in prime time.

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