New Year’s Eve fires: 31 interventions by the firefighters in Sicily, 15 in Palermo alone

Tonight (between New Year’s Eve 2022 and New Year’s Eve 2023) there were 646 interventions by the firefighters for fires attributable to the New Year’s celebrations throughout Italy, a slight increase compared to last year, when they were 558. Many interventions involved fires in dumpsters and cars parked on the street. The greatest number occurred in Emilia Romagna, where they were 96, more than three times more than in Sicily, with 31 interventions, half of which in Palermo.

The other interventions were in Piedmont 50, Lombardy 47, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige 71, Friuli Venezia Giulia 16, Liguria and Tuscany 45, Marche 13, Umbria 5, Lazio 52, Abruzzo 6, Molise 7, Campania 57, Basilicata 0, Calabria 4, Puglia 75, Sicily 31, Sardinia 26.

It was a long night for the Palermo firefighters due to dumpster fires in outlying areas. There would have been no intention of setting fire to the rubbish, the fires were caused by the launch of firecrackers inside the containers. Some very young people have been reported to the police. There are at least fifteen dumpster fires during the whole night. Many districts involved, from Brancaccio to Zen, from Bonagia to Uditore.

The Corps deployed 4,500 firefighters on operational duty nationwide on New Year’s Eve, as well as personnel from 276 volunteer detachments. 1,185 fire engines, 154 ladder trucks, 581 tankers and 81 crane trucks were made available on Italian roads to guarantee urgent technical assistance.

It is also time to take stock of the past year. A total of 791,505 rescue interventions were carried out in Italy by firefighters during 2022, an average of 2,200 per day. Increase compared to 2021, when there were 727,780 interventions. In Lombardy the greatest number of rescues, 82,603. Sicily is second with 78,756 interventions, followed by Lazio 74,676, Campania 66,426, Emilia Romagna 64,589, Tuscany 60,063, Piedmont 57,837. Puglia 47,662, Veneto and Trentino AA 44,165. Calabria 34,702, Marche 33,998, Sardinia 30,383, Liguria 30,309, Abruzzo 22,909, Friuli VG 22,400, Umbria 20,926, Basilicata 10,563 and Molise 8,538.

Of the 791,505 interventions, 195,224 concerned fires and explosions, 165,559 rescues and rescues, 49,028 static instability and 41,697 road accidents.

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