New Year’s Eve: barrels banned in Cefalù: “Let’s protect animals”

To protect animals but also people, New Year’s barrels are prohibited in Cefalù, one of the main tourist centers in Sicily. The ban is provided for by an ordinance of the mayor Daniele Tumminello. From 8 am on 31 December to 12 pm on 1 January 2023, «firecrackers, firecrackers and similar artifices and any type of pyrotechnic fire cannot be detonated in a public place or for public use, and in private places from which they can be reached or directly affected areas and spaces for public use”. Violators will end up paying a fine ranging from 25 to 500 euros.
“The municipal administration – says the mayor – wanted to focus attention not only on the safety of citizens, who are required to respect the rules to avoid accidents, but also towards animals, which suffer particularly from the noises produced by New Year’s barrels” .

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