New vandalisms in Trapani, the windows of Bastione Conca broken: video surveillance arrives

Yet vandals in action a Trapani. After about thirty spotlights on the Tramontana Walls were shattered, and about fifty car windows were destroyed, the last act of vandalism hit the windows of the Bastion Basin. To break them, those responsible for the raid used hammers, thrown with force, given that they are shatterproof glass.

Meanwhile, the Municipality runs for cover. They will be placed soon 40 cameras to check the areas most exposed to the action of the usual unknowns. The Municipality of Trapani will in fact have to have everything repaired at its own expense which, in times of economic hardship with the difficulties that exist, this money could have been used for something else.

It is still unclear whether it is damage that occurred at the same time as that of the walls of Tramontana in recent weeks or if it is a new act of vandalism. An inspection will be carried out in the morning.

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