New traffic light regulation in Palermo, via Libertà: more time for pedestrians to cross

The article explains that starting tomorrow, the traffic lights at the intersection of via Libertà, piazza Ruggero Settimo, and piazza Castelnuovo in Palermo will be changed experimentally to allow pedestrians to cross safely. The traffic lights will be changed from two phases to three phases, with the addition of a new phase where all vehicles coming from the three directions will have a red light, allowing only pedestrian crossing. This will be the first traffic light in the city to function with three phases, one dedicated exclusively to pedestrians. The modification will be carried out by Amg Energia operators tomorrow morning, based on an ordinance from the City’s Urban Mobility service. The goal is to regulate traffic while also ensuring pedestrian safety, especially due to increased pedestrian flow in the area. The traffic lights will be turned off at 9 am for installation of the new controller, and will be switched back on once the operation is completed. During the intervention, a municipal police patrol will be present for safety.

Palermo, nuova regolazione del semaforo di via Libertà: più tempo ai pedoni per attraversare

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