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New storm on Donato, the candidate for mayor of Palermo on the Bucha massacre: “Strong doubts”

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Clash in the Chamber between the former Lega MEP, as well as candidate for mayor of Palermo, Francesca Donato and the vice president of the EU Parliament Pina Picierno, who chaired the debate on the conclusions of the EU Council last March on the war in Ukraine.
Donato, in her speech, questioned the truthfulness of the Bucha massacre by the Russians, accusing Kiev of not having been “neither democratic nor peaceful” towards the Russian-speaking populations before the conflict.
“This House cannot in any way become a megaphone of positions that are absolutely not acceptable.
The Bucha massacre is there for all to see”, Picierno stressed.

Donato had risen to prominence in the midst of the pandemic for his positions against Covid vaccines and the Green pass, and its theses had also led her to clash with the League, so much so that she decided to bid farewell to the party that had welcomed her and had her elected to the European Parliament.
Born in the Marches, and Sicilian by adoption, the deputy continued to be talked about even with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, embracing a clearly pro-Putin line from the beginning, a line reaffirmed in today’s speech.

“Demanding that Russia withdraw unconditionally is a pure verbal, unrealistic and pleonastic exercise – he said during a debate in Strasbourg – and I remember that Ukraine was not exactly a peaceful (state) before the war given the massacres carried out in the Donbass.
, nor was it democratic towards the Russian-speaking populations.
The sanctions have had no effect, today I hear the proposal of a total embargo on Russian gas, which is not sustainable, based on the facts of Bucha reported by the government but on whose veracity there are already strong doubts.
We should send an independent investigation to verify the real responsibility “for what happened.
“The EU should recover a role of impartiality and objectivity”, continued Donato.

Words that prompted Picierno, a member of the Democratic Party and vice-president of Parliament, to snort: “The massacres of innocent people that are taking place in these hours are there for all to see, we cannot accept that even this is being questioned in this House.
This House is not equidistant, Mr Donato, if you come to terms with it “, concluded Picierno.