New season of Raccontami: 12 episodes, starting with “Soldi Spicci”

From the living room by the sea to the elegant lounge, at home or at the theater. But always on the edge of storytelling, affectionate chat, and “that time when” and away with memories … Fourth anniversary for Raccontami! The title alone gives away the chosen format of the television show created and conducted by Salvo La Rosa. It is now starting its new season and looking towards its fifth year. The show will air every Friday at 9:40 pm and on Sundays at the same time. Starting next week, it will also be aired on Rtp, but on different days and times. The first episode features Soldi Spicci, who Salvo La Rosa interviewed at the Teatro Garibaldi in Avola where the duo was performing their new show, “Tutta colpa del poliamore.” The formula remains the same, featuring a familiar dialogue with entertainment personalities, preferably Sicilian. The show will feature Annandrea and Claudio, Tuccio Musumeci, Giusina Battaglia, and Carmen Consoli in the first few episodes. Salvo La Rosa explains, “I have always liked to tell stories – it’s one of the most beautiful aspects of the journalist profession.” The show aims to provide a mix of videos, images, and music to make a difference and involve a lot of research and archiving work. The goal of the show is to create a comfortable environment for the artists to chat without barriers, starting with Soldi Spicci. Annandrea and Claudio are two artists that Salvo La Rosa has been following since they began, and he is pleased to tell their story, from their early sketches to their current successful and mature shows. Additionally, Annandrea Vitrano and Claudio Casisa will star in upcoming films.

Su Tgs la nuova stagione di Raccontami: dodici puntate, si parte coi Soldi Spicci

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