New school year, greetings from Orlando and Marano: “Let's work together to make schools safe”

The message of greetings from the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the municipal councilor at the Giovanna Marano School on the eve of the start of the new school year: “To all of you, girls and boys, girls and boys, families, teachers, school staff and managers we address an affectionate thought at the beginning of the new school year with the hope that it can take place in a serene atmosphere and finally take us beyond the health emergency. The pandemic has taught us and reminded us of the great value of meeting daily in school, the nerve center of the community, and made us more aware of how essential relationships are, especially in the presence, between all those involved in the educational path.

In recent years, facing the spread of the infection has imposed many changes, including radical ones, making it necessary to dedicate constant commitment and energy to the challenge of combining the guarantee of the right to education with respect for the right to health. It has not been and will not be easy. But, in recent months, the municipal administration has worked together with the schools, alongside the families, to continue and perfect the path started last school year. We will continue to carefully monitor to apply all the precautions and precautions that, gradually, will be deemed useful to keep the school in the presence and avoid contagion, from the careful hygiene of the environments to the use of the mask and spacing, to ensure continuity the school year we are about to live. Aware that the care in the growth of the younger generations, their education and the learning of citizenship are crucial elements for the future of our city, and that the school, in this path, has an essential role, we trust in the example and in the meaning responsibility of the whole educating community. In this particular moment, as never before, all and all of us are called to make the indications and prescriptions of the Co-responsibility Pact alive, making parents, schools, pupils, pupils and institutions protagonists, in fruitful synergy, of the educational process of the entire community. that intends to involve all the subjects of the territory to bring education back to the center. If we are able to go back into the classrooms again it is thanks to the sense of responsibility of all those who work every day to make our schools places full of educational and training possibilities. To school leaders, teachers and staff, whose role is more valuable than ever at this moment, a wish for good work full of gratitude. To girls, boys, adolescents and their families, our sincere wishes so that this new school year may be full of growth experiences “.

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