New Observatory of Kindness launches: Sicilian celebrities Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Gaetano Aronica, and Stefania Auci as testimonials

An Observatory to analyze the real effects of kindness on contemporary society, in particular studying how kindness relates to the increase in GDP to understand how a kinder ecosystem can influence a country’s wealth generation. The project is promoted and organized by the Italian Kindness Movement, a non-profit organization founded in 2001 and directed by President Natalia Re. The observatory will be an independent body that will develop multidisciplinary research projects on the social, environmental, and economic value of kindness and will collaborate with public and private organizations. The scientific committee will be led by Dr. Salvino Marcello Vitaliti. The President emphasizes the importance of kindness in the concept of living together and respecting others and the laws of the state. The Movement will also launch a campaign to promote kind interactions among people. The Italian Kindness Movement was founded in 2001 with the goal of promoting kindness in society and is now directed by President Natalia Re. The Movement’s program focuses on healthcare, justice, sustainable urbanity, and global equality, inspired by the UN’s Global Goal 11.

Nasce l’Osservatorio della gentilezza: testimonial i siciliani Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Gaetano Aronica e Stefania Auci

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