New leadership change in Sicilian Carabinieri: Spina replaces Castello

After three years of service, General Rosario Castello leaves the command of the Carabinieri Legion Sicily to join the General Staff of Defense. The handover ceremony took place this afternoon (September 8th) at the Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa barracks in Palermo, in the presence of the interregional commander “Culqualber”, General Giovanni Truglio, and the incoming commander, General Giuseppe Spina of the Carabinieri Legion Veneto. General Castello stated that he had lived three intense years by the side of the Sicilian carabinieri, who had carried out their work of proximity, closeness, and assistance to citizens with great commitment. During the ceremony, the general expressed sincere emotion and pride in having led the weapon in recent years. Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and Father Pino Puglisi were the two figures he looked up to and found inspiration in their efforts to fight against the mafia. Castello was one of the key figures involved in the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro, the most-wanted mafia fugitive. He also highlighted the efforts of the Carabinieri’s investigative units in combating organized crime and confiscating mafia assets. General Castello will now take up the position of head of the general office for legal affairs and legal consultant to the Chief of Staff of Defense.

Carabinieri, cambio al vertice della Legione Sicilia: Spina subentra a Castello

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