New investigations approved by the judge in Caltanissetta to understand the role of the American mafia in the Via D’Amelio massacre.

New investigations have been ordered in relation to the massacre in Via D’Amelio, where judge Paolo Borsellino and his bodyguards were killed. The investigating judge of the Caltanissetta court, Santi Bologna, has requested the Nissena prosecutor’s office to continue the investigations for a period of six months regarding a possible involvement of the American mafia in Cosa Nostra’s killing strategy in 1992. The judge ordered new investigations after the prosecutor’s office in Caltanissetta requested the case against Maurizio Avola, a ruthless killer from Catania and a collaborator of justice who has since left the witness protection program, to be closed. The judge has accepted most of the requests made by Avola’s lawyer, Ugo Colonna, who claimed that Avola was present on the day of the massacre and made eye contact with Judge Borsellino before the explosion of the Fiat 126. The judge also stated that the previous judicial reconstructions have not been able to fully establish the details of the placement of the Fiat 126 at the scene of the explosion, the identities of all the members of the commando involved in Via D’Amelio, and who physically triggered the explosive device and from where.

Via D’Amelio, dal Gip di Caltanissetta sì a nuove indagini: «Capire il ruolo della mafia americana nella strage»

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