New images emerge from Palermo gang rape, revealing the night of horror

New images from the judicial file on the rape case in Palermo reveal the events of the night when the 19-year-old girl was assaulted by seven boys. Footage from the area’s surveillance cameras shows what happened on the night of July 7th, providing evidence to support the girl’s account. The images depict the group of boys in front of an illegal kiosk in the Vucciria district, where the girl had arranged to meet one of them. The cameras captured the boys, one of whom left and returned with the girl. These images align with the girl’s statement to investigators, where she mentioned being with one boy and five others whose names she didn’t know. One of the suspects allegedly told the bartender to get her drunk. As shown in the footage, the girl, after having consumed alcohol, rests her head on one of the boys’ shoulders. Further frames, filmed by the Nautical Institute’s camera 57 minutes past midnight, show the girl being taken away by the seven boys, confirming her account of the incident. The footage supports her statement that two of them touched her breasts and two others touched her intimate parts while the rest laughed. The footage also captures their arrival at the “Foro Italico” area, where the victim is taken to a construction site. Finally, the group rape occurred.

Stupro di gruppo a Palermo, spuntano nuove immagini della notte dell’orrore

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