new dispute of the marketplace?

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 08:07

Share The fight breaks out in Piazza San Francesco and drags on, in several stages, to the streets Foderà and Neve: in the historic center of Agrigento. It happened in the late evening of Monday and, suddenly, the single emergency number received more reports. To ask for the intervention of the police were many people from Agrigento, worried about what was happening. From one moment to the next – according to the stories – someone was in serious danger of losing their life. There were two, perhaps three, groups of immigrants who argued for it: probably Gambians. The SOS was collected by the Carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile nucleus of the company. More patrols rushed into the center, but there were no more agitated people – neither in Piazza San Francesco, nor in Via Foderà and Neve – no trace. All those involved, probably hearing the sound of the sirens, ran away. It is not excluded – but there can be no confirmation of any kind – that the umpteenth scuffle that broke out in the center is related to the illegal drug dealing activity. A fight that broke out in Piazza San Francesco and then dragged itself, in several stages, to the alleys above the Via Atenea. There are no official confirmations, but it seems probable, perhaps even taken for granted, that the investigators, if not in the night at least yesterday morning, have checked whether any injuries have gone to the emergency room of the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital or not . In order to try to identify those involved, it is also not excluded that images of the video surveillance systems, if present, may be acquired. Already in the past months there had been more similar episodes. And in one circumstance – by the police and carabinieri – arrests were also made in flagrantee.

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