New destinations for confiscated assets, 170 for Caltanissetta municipality

The National Agency for the Administration and Destination of Confiscated Assets (Anbsc) in Italy has approved the transfer of approximately 300 confiscated properties to local governments for social purposes. Many of these properties, valued at over three million euros, will be transferred to the city of Caltanissetta in Sicily for projects related to social farming, environmental education, and biodiversity conservation. The city intends to use these confiscated assets to promote legal and social activities, provide opportunities for development and employment, and combat social issues such as unemployment and marginalization. The goal is to create places for community activities and fight against criminal growth. The undersecretary of the Interior with responsibility for Anbsc, Wanda Ferro, emphasized the symbolic and institutional value of this initiative, as it represents a victory of the state over mafia power. The agency director is expected to sign the destination decree soon, enabling the rapid delivery of the assets to the designated institution and funding for their refurbishment.

Nuove destinazioni per i beni confiscati, 170 sono destinati al Comune di Caltanissetta

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