New commander to be installed at Palermo Municipal Police on Monday

On Monday, the new chief of the municipal police of Palermo will take office. Lieutenant Colonel Angelo Colucciello of the Carabinieri has completed the necessary formalities to assume the position of head of the urban guards, replacing Margherita Amato, who will remain part of the municipal police force. Colucciello was chosen by Mayor Roberto Lagalla in September, with final approval coming last week with the approval of the 2022 budget by the city council.

In addition, selection tests are currently underway for the stabilization of 90 positions within the municipal police force. Once the tests are completed, the workers will be stabilized and enjoy an increase to a 30-hour work week. 73 employees from the area of officials and high qualifications have also been called in for the signing of full-time contracts, in accordance with the city’s balance and needs plan for 2023.

The mayor and the Personnel and Municipal Police Assessor, Dario Falzone, have expressed their support for the new commander and the efforts to strengthen the municipal police force. The choice of a Carabinieri colonel demonstrates the administration’s commitment to improving the security levels of the territory, and gratitude is expressed to the Carabinieri for authorizing Colucciello’s hiring.

Polizia municipale Palermo, lunedì si insedierà il nuovo comandante

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